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Mobile Strategy: Why You Shouldn’t Ignore Windows Phone

In case you missed it, Microsoft and Nokia announced a strategic mobile partnership in February a few days after Nokia CEO Elop’s scathing memo to employees.

Some key points to note:

  • Nokia will adopt Windows Phone as its primary smartphone strategy, innovating on top of the platform in areas such as imaging, where Nokia is a market leader.
  • Nokia will help drive and define the future of Windows Phone. Nokia will contribute its expertise on hardware design, language support, and help bring Windows Phone to a larger range of price points, market segments and geographies.
  • Nokia’s extensive operator billing agreements will make it easier for consumers to purchase Nokia Windows Phone services in countries where credit-card use is low.

And even though Android phones topped the list of new devices sold in Q4 2011, Symbian is a close second:



The fact is that the Windows Phone Metro UI offers a very slick user experience.  And in light of the Nokia/Microsoft partnership, I expect Windows Phone share to rise significantly as Symbian/Nokia users move to Windows Phone, especially in the mid-range and low-end markets.

Want to get a head start in developing applications for Windows Phone? My company Infragistics recently announced a Community Technology Preview of data visualization controls for Windows Phone.  These let you create powerful mobile dashboards using maps, high performance charts, gauges, sliders and even barcodes, that integrate beautifully with the Windows Phone Metro UI design language.

You can get the samples and download the CTP for free from here:


We will also be releasing mobile controls for iOS and Android soon so watch this space!


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