iOS Development with .NET

Three years ago I blogged about the “iPhone bringing the Internet to your pocket”.  And now we have the iPad, the target device for most innovation in tablet apps.

If, like me, you’re keen to build iOS apps but are primarily a Microsoft developer and are daunted by the learning curve of a whole new platform, then MonoTouch might be for you: http://monotouch.net/

MonoTouch is a bridge between .NET and the native iOS API called CocoaTouch.  It exposes the CocoaTouch as a .NET library so you can write code in C# instead of Objective-C. This gives you access to all the native CocoaTouch GUI widgets and a whole bunch of regular .NET libraries.


This is really neat!  Have a look at the Hello World tutorial to get a better feel of MonoTouch: http://monotouch.net/Tutorials/MonoDevelop_HelloWorld


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